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    My name is Rod and I've been involved in drag racing for 50+ years. From the age of 3 I spent every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at either US30 Dragstrip, Oswego Dragstrip, Byron, Union Grove (The Grove), Cordova and a few others. My dad Bill "OLBoy" Reed had many race cars throughout the years. We also built race cars, engines and did a lot of engine and chassis work for many local drag racers in Illinois.

    In the 1973 we built our first full chassis race car, a 73 Camaro "Jug Hugger" and started racing in the UDRA and a little NHRA Pro Stock. We traveled all over the country until around 1980. We then built a the 67 Impala "street car" and did some street racing in the Chicago area. Around 1983 we started going to Super Chevy Shows with the Impala.

    The next car was a 71 Monte Carlo that was originally going to be a Pro Street car but wound up being a all steel 3550 pound 7 second car. We went to many Super Chevy Shows with the Monte Carlo and also raced with the Chicago Hitmen. The fastest ET for the Monte Carlo was 7.74 in Houston Texas in 1996.

    I also got into building custom golf carts and started a business doing that. In 2005 I started a golf cart forum Cartaholics.com. I'm hoping this forum will get heavy use like the golf cart forum does and I'm looking forward to hearing drag racing stories and sharing mine.
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    hey rod i was with u guys we had a lot of fun back then i was the one with the drag bike in the back of that little red ford ranger
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    Hey Dean how's it going? Welcome to the forum. :hattip:

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