Lenco Transmission Clutch Pack Setting

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    Lenco Transmission Clutch Pack Setting:

    Lenco Transmissions utilize several different styles of clutch discs and depending of which style Lenco you have you will also find different clutch counts in each case. The most common style clutch disc is the green disc and it comes in two sizes depending on which style transmission you are working on. There is also a blue disc and a tan disc both of these styles come in one size.

    The blue, green and tan disc are supplied new at approximately .058"- .061" thickness. When discs wear to .052" or less they must be replaced. Glazed, burned and chipped discs must also be replaced immediately.

    When setting up your clutch packs they need to have the proper air gap or clutch pack clearance. First you always start with at least one floater and then a clutch disc and repeat ending up with at least one floater. It is sometimes necessary to have an extra floater disc to reach the desired clutch pack clearance and normally the extra floater would go next to the planet case. Leaving the pressure plate spring (wave spring) out, place the pressure plate on top of the clutch pack. Now taking all the lash out by lifting up on the clutch housing (outer housing) and press down on the pressure plate then measure the distance between the top of the pressure and the bottom of the snap ring groove of the clutch housing, This is your clutch pack clearance. This clearance should be between .080"-.120" and can be adjusted by adding or subtracting floaters . Lenco does offer different thickness floaters for correcting the clutch pack clearance. Once you have achieved the proper clearance reinstall the pressure plate spring and clutch housing snap ring it is then complete, ready for installation.

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