Route 66 Raceway 2017 Test and Tune Schedule

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    Rt 66 Raceway 2017 Test and Tune Schedule


    Route 66 Raceway Test & Tune Frequently Asked Questions:

    What kind of vehicle can race?

    Any car or motorcycle that passes an NHRA Technical Inspection.

    Is there a limit on the age of the vehicle?

    Can someone ride in the passenger seat?
    No. NHRA does not allow co-pilots.

    How long is the dragstrip?
    A quarter-mile.

    What is the minimum and maximum ages for racers?
    A driver must have a valid state or government drivers license.

    Does my car need to have a rollbar or other safety apparatuses inside the car for me to race?
    Consult the NHRA Rulebook to determine what safety equipment you need for your car.

    How many passes can I make at one Test & Tune or Race Your Ride event?
    The number of passes you get is determined by the number of cars at the event. Nights with fewer cars allows for more passes.

    Is there space available to work on my car in between runs?
    Yes there is a lot of asphalt pit area with plenty of room to work on your car.

    Can my family or friends come watch me race my car?
    Of course.

    Will there be food and drinks available for purchase while I'm there?
    Yes, by LEVY concessions.

    What time does the race track open for Teat and Tune at Route 66 Raceway?

    Gates Open - 4:00 PM
    Tech Opens - 4:00 PM
    Time Trials Begin - 4:30 PM
    Secure Track 9:00 PM

    Gates Open - 9 AM
    Tech Opens - 9 AM
    Time Trials Begin - 9 AM

    *Times and schedule subject to change

    More information available at: OL Boy Drag Racing Forum and Pro Street Forum and Route 66 Raceway

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